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Sudanta Toothpaste (Non-Fluoride) - 100gm

Sudanta Toothpaste (Non-Fluoride) - 100gm
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Sudanta Toothpaste (Non-Fluoride) - 100gm

Sri Sri Tattva's Sudanta Toothpaste gives you complete oral care. One of the biggest benefits of Sudanta is that is completely free from Fluoride! Recent studies have found that Fluoride causes tooth decay, known as dental fluorosis, and this is most common in children.

SUDANTA is packed with pure goodness of ancient herbs inspired by the science of Ayurveda! It will make this simple act of brushing your teeth into a refreshing and nurturing experience.

SUDANTA is an all-natural, fluoride-free, toothpaste. The Ayurveda based herbs have been traditionally used to keep the breath fresh and help protect and prevent gum and tooth diseases, and ensure healthier gums & teeth. It can be effective for toothache, dental caries, bleeding gums, tooth decay and bad breath. SUDANTA has been put together with utmost care in a state-of-the art-manufacturing facility.  

Five ancient spices and herbs: Cloves, Cinnamon, Black pepper, Bakul and Mayaphal  - come together to protect, nurture, refresh leaving you energized for a full-on power-packed day!

SUDANTA toothpaste is fluoride-freeparaben-freevegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free (no animal testing)

Net weight : 100 gm

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