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Listed price of Items does not include delivery and the delivery cost will be displayed at checkout. Delivery time will take place between 3 to 10  working days. Delivery cost is not refundable. Goods are despatched in sealed packaging and should be received in the same manner. Please ensure that when receiving delivery of your purchase, it is sealed.

Subject to these Terms, FastWay agrees to receive and arrange for the provision of the Service to the Consignee in accordance with the information on FastWay’s Waybill or return of the Shipment to the Customer (or its nominee) when the Shipment was not delivered to the Consignee.
Any instruction from the Customer to FastWay and/or a TPA to provide the Service shall be on a FastWay Waybill, duly completed and tendered with the Shipment.
Unless otherwise agreed in writing and signed by FastWay, no other instructions, whether verbal or written shall be binding on FastWay or any TPA.
A Shipment under these Terms shall be deemed to have been received intoFastWay or any TPA’s possession only upon –
the Shipment being received into FastWay or the TPA’s physical possession; and
receipt acknowledging acceptance being issued by FastWay or the TPA and furnished to the Customer by an expressly authorized FastWay and/or TPA Personnel.
The Customer is responsible for ensuring that the person furnishing such receipt is expressly authorized to do so by FastWay or the TPA.
Delivery to the Consignee, or, on a Shipment returned to the Customer (or its nominee), shall be conclusively evidenced by a signed receipt being given therefore by the Consignee or the Customer.
A POD shall be conclusive proof that the Shipment was delivered in accordance with these Terms, in good order and condition, in an intact form, without any Loss and shall further constitute final and absolute release of all undertakings, obligations and liabilities of FastWay and/or any TPA.